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Nancy Liu Chin: 5 Things I Love Right Now

It’s Tuesday! Nancy Liu Chin is here to share some of her favorite things…

Number 1: Red, White & Blue

Nancy Liu Chin - wedding flowers

This year, I’m feeling patriotic and I’m really in love with Red, White and Blue. There’s something so perfectly summery about wholesome white sandwiched between bold red and cool blue. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you need to put all three colors into a floral arrangement. Red and white striped linens and light blue napkins are just a few of the ways to incorporate this color palette. A white bouquet with blue grape hyacinth (muscari) has just the right touch.

Number 2: Daisies

Nancy Liu Chin\'s favorite things

When I was young, I use to pick up little daisies and daydream about my most recent boy crush. Like many little girls, I use to pluck the petals one by one wondering, “does he like me, does he not?”. Now you know why I have an affinity for these humble blooms. The bright sunny yellow center with those white petals are just too darn likable, don’t you like them too?

Number 3: Ferns

It’s a fact. I’m not a woodsy sort of gal. But during the summer, we all need to get a little more sun. It’s time to explore the wonderful outdoors and to appreciate nature…and nothing inspires me more than Ferns. It’s my new favorite motif and foliage.

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Number 4: Balls, , Baubles, Berries, Brambles

Nancy Liu Chin\'s top 5 picks

Whether it’s Billy balls, Snowberries, Berzilia Baubles or Raspberry Brambles, I can’t live without these wonderful elements. They are fun, they are dainty, they are precious. Add them to a boutonniere, put them in bouquets, or finish an arrangement with them. Just go for it, have a ball.

Number 5: Cuckoo for Birds

Nancy Liu Chin

Did you know that birds are often a symbol of the human soul, flying free and seeking the heavens? We also know that birds in flight can also represent freedom. That’s why they seem so fitting for a summer wedding. From note cards to cakes, place cards to ringbearer pillows, there’s something so charming and lovely about birds.

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We look forward to hearing more from Nancy next Tuesday!

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Group 4
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