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Nancy Liu Chin: Favorite Year Round Flowers

It’s Tuesday! Today Nancy Liu Chin is giving a few tips about year-round flowers…

Brides are always asking what flowers will be available when they get married. It’s a great question, so here’s a list of my favorite All Year Round flowers. Hopefully this will make your wedding planning so much easier.

Carnations: available in wide range of colors. A favorite color includes ‘Moonvista’ which is a deep purple.

year-round wedding flowers: carnations

Delphiniums: available in white, blues and purples, but it’s the rare Hybrid mauve that’s fantastic.

year-round wedding flowers: delphiniums

Freesia: available in many colors, ‘Lewyna’ is a beautiful shade of pink.

year-round wedding flowers: freesia

Gladiolas: typically line flowers but when you wire the florets, they take on a complete different look. ‘Emerald Isle’ which is a bright citrus green is one of my favs.

year-round wedding flowers: gladiolas

Iris: available in white, yellow, blues and purples. ‘Apollo’ is a yellow bloom with inner white petals. It’s beautiful

year-round wedding flowers: iris

Mums: come in many forms but the buttons (aka ‘pom pom’) Mums are so versatile.

year-round wedding flowers: mums

Oriental Lilies: available in white, yellow, pink and red. ‘Concador’ is a yellow lily that’s quite lovely and rarely used.

year-round wedding flowers: oriental lilies

Peruvian Lilies: available in many colors. ‘Mayfair’ is a light lavender with purple…it’s a new variety.

year-round wedding flowers: peruvian lilies

Roses (hot house): available in many colors. Very versatile and they come in different lengths.

year-round wedding flowers: roses

Cut Orchids: many varieties and range of colors.

year-round wedding flowers: cut orchids

This gorgeous wedding features white carnation centerpieces along with white roses.

Thanks for the tips Nancy! Be sure to check in next week to see what new tidbits Nancy will be sharing…

Photo Credits:
All images via Jupiter Images, except:
Carnations (left image): Real Simple
Last photo via Nancy Liu Chin Designs

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