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Nancy Liu Chin: Favorite Bouquets

June 30, 2009

Happy Tuesday! I can’t believe it’s been 4 weeks already but today is the last Tuesday in June which means this will be Nancy Liu Chin‘s last guest post with us. Today Nancy tells us about her favorite wedding bouquets…

People are always wondering what my favorite bouquets are. Over the years, we’ve designed over a thousand bouquets and delivered more than 300 bridal bouquets. It’s hard to narrow down what makes a bouquet stand out. Is it the combination of flowers? Or the color? Or simply the design?

To me, a bouquet for the bride, bridesmaid, mothers, or flower girl usually stands out because of some sentimental memory associated with the client that I was designing it for, the challenging design or because of its unique combination. There are just so many reasons why a bouquet stands out to me. Here are a few bouquets that I will never forget…

wedding flowers by Cancy Liu Chin
(photo credits: left image by Kevin Chin, right image by Tu Photography)

Above Left: This purple hand bag was done for a magazine. It was one of my first attempts at creating a handbag for a bride instead of your typically hand tied bouquet. The balance of colors with textural elements and that wonderful wooden bamboo handle – love.

Above Right: I adore this photo of the groom looking into the sunshine with the bridal bouquet which was earthy, airy, soft and romantic. The bride, Brooke, was a darling person and I loved her by-the-seashore wedding.  I’ll never forget the pleating that took me an hour to do for the handle and the special brooch.

California wedding florist - Nancy Liu Chin
(photo credits: left image by Lisa Lefkowitz, right image by Elisabeth Fall)

Above Left: Who doesn’t love a dramatic bouquet? This all-deep-burgundy-peonies bouquet with mini callas and jasmine vines was perfect. Against Nishka’s Indian Sari it was even more breathtaking. I’ve never wanted to redo this bouquet because I know it will never be as well balanced.

Above Right: Can a bouquet ever be too colorful?  I think color can still be classic and this bridal bouquet for my client, Eileen was just like her – full of passion, love, and cheerfulness. For Eileen’s fall wedding, it worked! It really did.

Nancy Liu Chin Designs
(photo credits: left image by Lisa Leigh, right image by James Sander)

Above Left: When people say green, red and white, it instantly sounds like an arrangement for Christmas. This bouquet was challenging because it wasn’t for a holiday yet it had to look a bit asian, a bit classic, and definitely not remotely “CHRISTMAS”. A tough combination but in the end, I loved it.

Above Right: So it’s not a bridal bouquet. It’s actually a ring bearer pillow but it’s one of those details that I enjoy making. This one was just so cute with it’s horsetail sides and green pom pom center.  Who wouldn’t want to carry one of these?

Wedding flowers
(photo credits: both images by Lisa Leigh)

Above Left: Once again, it isn’t a bridal bouquet but a flower girl handbag that makes this list. I couldn’t forget this adorable orange purse with a few simple pink Ranunculus. It was made for a photo shoot and remains one of my favorites which leads me to believe that less is indeed more. I’m not the only one that liked it, Today’s Bride featured it.

Above Right: I don’t think this all-yellow bouquet has ever been featured on any of my websites, my portfolio or blogs. It’s been a personal favorite because it’s so hard to get open yellow lilies. Each one had to be wired together.  And of course the paper ribbon in black and white scroll with yellow really made it. It’s a really simple bouquet but very few people would ever think to make it out of Oriental Yellow Lilies. That’s why I love it.

Bridal Bouquets
(photo credits: left image courtesy of Nancy Liu Chin Designs, right image by Lefkowitz)

Above Left: This bouquet for my client Stella was fun to do. I guess I remember it because the bride literally instructed me to make it the way I would make it for myself. And with that, I just picked everything I loved from clover, roses, sweet peas and snowberries. It was delightful and had this amazing movement to it. So perfect for that natural bride. This bouquet was also once featured in a magazine article.

Above Right: Another standout bouquet which many brides have seen in our website is this bouquet for invitation designer, Lisa Wong Jackson. Once again I was instructed to make something that was creative. That week when I went to the market I bought anything that caught my eye including fiddlehead, onion alium, geranium, double lisianthus, South African berzilias and so much more.  It was complex, wild yet tailored, airy, light, romantic and outdoorsy. It’s no wonder that Lisa + Nick’s wedding was featured in several magazines. It was full of contradiction and remains one of my ‘Hall of Fame’ flowers which I will never repeat because it’s iconic.

Thanks so much Nancy! It’s been a pleasure having you here this month!

Be sure to check out Nancy’s website and blogs: Brown Bag and Pink Blossom List for more floral tips and insight.

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DIY Download: Cello Bag Labels

June 29, 2009

A few weeks ago we asked you to vote on which inspiration board you think should inspire our next DIY download. Well, this board received the most votes so we’ve created this adorable DIY project with the same vintage homespun feel…

These labels are perfect for a sweet & simple at-home wedding, rehearsal dinner or bridal tea. Filling the bags with homemade treats would make them even more charming! Like our last DIY download, this project is really easy and affordable. Here’s how…

Tools: Shown above: (A) Cellophane food bags (FDA Approved). We used a 3.5″ x 2″ x 7.5″ gusset bag which you can get here – $8.00 for 25 bags.  (B) Ruler  (C) bone folder (D) x-acto knife (E) Ribbon – 1/4″ width works best  (F) 1/8″ Fiskars Hole Punch  (G) Martha Stewart decorative edge punch (not sure of the name of this particular design but they’re sold at Michaels).

Step 1: Using your color printer, print the free template on white cardstock (click on the link at the bottom of this post to download the template). Use the bone folder and ruler to score along the dotted “fold” line on the template.

Step 2: Trim out the labels using your ruler and x-acto knife. Be sure to use a cutting mat – it cushions the x-acto blade and saves your surfaces from nicks and scratches. Fold the label along the score mark you created with the bone folder. Pre-folding the label makes it much easier to apply later.

Step 3: Use the decorative edge punch to create the eyelet cutout on the front of the label.

Step 4: Cut a 12″ length of ribbon. Fill the cellophane bag with treats of your choice then fold down the top of the bag. You may need one or two folds, depending on the contents of the bag.

Step 5: Place the label on the bag – the folded top of the cello bag should be sandwiched between the font and back of the label. If the bag has a seam on one side, make sure it faces the back (same side as the yellow floral pattern on the label).

Step 6: Holding the label in place on the top of the bag, use your hole punch to punch two holes (use the small circles marked on the label as a guide). Make sure to punch all the way through both sides of the label and the bag.

Step 7: Thread the ribbon through the holes and tie so that the knot (or bow) is at the front of the label.

Step 8: After tying the ribbon, cut the ends of the ribbon at an angle for a finished look.

Display and enjoy!

In addition to the yellow, we’ve also included a bonus palette in the download based on this color combination which we think would also work well with the charming vintage theme.

We would love to see how our little creations are doing out there in the real world. Be sure to leave us a comment letting us know how you plan to use the labels, what you plan to put in the bags, how you’re going to display them…whatever…we want to know! If you’d like to share photos, feel free to email us at blog {at} betsywhite {dot} com…we’d love to hear from you!

Download Cello Bag Favor Labels

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The Bridal Road Show

June 25, 2009

Calling all Atlanta brides: get on board the Bridal Road Show!

Wedding planners Gail Johnson and Hester Parks of Wedding Soirée are such a talented team…I’ve been to several of their events over the past few years and they never disappoint. This year, they are planning what I think will be their best event to date: a Bridal Road Show! This will be a traveling production featuring som of Atlanta’s finest wedding vendors.

The day will start with a light brunch at the Wedding Soirée studio, then a luxury motor coach will transport you “the bride” in style to a bridal gown salon, you’ll have lunch at The Four Seasons, tour a day spa, visit a cupcake baker and a few other exciting stops along the way. The afternoon will then end with a rooftop cocktail soirée at Hotel Palomar, one of Atlanta’s newest boutique hotels. To top things off, various stops on the Road Show will be documented by some of Atlanta’s most talented photographers. Along with this great opportunity to meet some of Atlanta’s best vendors, Gail and Hester promise you will also be entertained and inspired.

Knowing the ladies of Wedding Soirée, each stop of the Road Show will be beautifully styled. For the luncheon at The Four Seasons, they will be drawing inspiration from this gorgeous board by Snippet & Ink:

Bridal Road Show 2009

Looks like it will be beautiful! Be sure to check out the Wedding Soirée blog for more details.

This event will hit the road on Sunday, July 19 from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. Tickets are only $40.00 – to Rsvp, click here. Space is limited (to only 20 brides!) so Rsvp as soon as possible!

Color Palettes

Deep Plum, Pink and Charcoal

June 24, 2009

Deep plum is such a great color for a Fall wedding. Adding charcoal grey and pink might be a bit unexpected but the combination is a great balance between masculine and feminine style.

wedding palette: deep plum, pink and charcoal

Bride and Bridesmaids: A satin sash on the bride’s gown could coordinate with deep plum bridesmaid dresses.

Groom and Groomsmen: Charcoal grey suits for the men with deep plum ties. A surprising shot of color could be included in the suit lining or fun, striped socks.

Stationery Options: Our Love Logo #9 wedding invitation (printed in Slate ink on White paper) is a great masculine choice while the Sophie save the date (in Plum) has a more feminine feel.

Photo Credits:
row 1: Jenny Jimenez via Brooklyn  Bride, J. Crew
row 2: Karen Mordechai via Brooklyn Bride
row 3: Jose Villa
row 4: Jose Villa