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Your Wedding DJ Need Not Suck

If you cringe at the thought of your wedding DJ telling corny jokes and playing bad disco tunes, DJ Michael Antonia might just be the sound selector for you. As a matter of fact, the cardinal sins mentioned above are on his “I will not…” list. What he WILL do is set the right mood, give good energy and get your booty shakin’.

Michael has teamed up with longtime friends and photographers Whitney and Jesse of Our Labor of Love and Max Wanger to create The Flashdance: a super cool blog where you can hear samples of his mixes and see him in action. The blog also showcases Jesse, Whitney and Max’s amazing photography and the work of other vendors who share their aesthetic and approach to weddings. If you’re looking for modern, hip, cool vendors, you should definitely check it out.

A little eye candy from The Flashdance collaborators Our Labor of Love (above) and Max Wanger (below). For a little ear candy from DJ Michael Antonia, go here.

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