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Photography Week VIII: Eleise Theuer

Now let’s meet Eleise!…


Do you shoot digital or film?
I started out shooting film, now I am all digital.  Thinking about going back to film for some things.

How would you describe your style?
My style is a hybrid of editorial and photojournalistic shooting.  I love being my own art director at weddings, and look to portray weddings as joyous, colorful emotion filled events, which they are.

Do you shoot alone or do you usually have an assistant?
I shot alone until last year, now I bring an assistant to most weddings.

How soon after the wedding can your clients see photos?
Clients can see their photos about four to six weeks after their wedding.  I retouch and correct EVERYTHING and that is a time consuming process.  No turn and burns : )

Do you provide an online proof gallery where clients can preview the photos?
I do provide an online gallery

Will you accept a job in another state or country?
I travel all the time to shoot.

Aside from weddings, what’s your favorite thing to photograph?
My favorite thing to shoot is people.  I really like photographing people.

What do you like most about being a wedding photographer?
I like working for myself.  I  have a great boss, who doesn’t breathe down my neck.  I also love to take a wedding and tell a story with it.  I shoot very intuitively, and every wedding is so different.  It is a fun challenge to find a wedding’s heart.

1.  Sweat the details.  These are what separate publishable weddings from merely wonderful weddings : )
2.  Things are going to go wrong that day.  Accept it, and enjoy yourself no matter what.
3.  Hire a wonderful photographer.  You will never regret it.

Eleise is based in Virginia but like most photographers, will travel. Be sure to visit her website and blog for more beautiful photos.

Thanks for stopping by Eleise!

One thought on “Photography Week VIII: Eleise Theuer

  1. Angela Stott

    Isn’t Eleise’s work gorgeous!? I’m proud to have the most fabulous, inspiring sister in the world and I am thrilled to see her featured here for all to see! What a beautiful post! I love you, Eleise!


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