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Photography Week IX: W. Scott Chester

phone: 404.822.9443 (contact scott + cristen chester)

Do you shoot digital or film?

How would you describe your style?
our style is modern in approach, mixing photojournalism with fine art and infusing creativity into everything we do. we are constantly seeking interesting angles, smitten with beautiful light and crazy about real emotion inspired moments. we like to have fun with our couples and document their wedding in a way that is fresh, whimsical, expressive, genuine, personal, and above all – creative.

Do you shoot alone or do you usually have an assistant?
we don’t get to  team up for all our weddings so scott shoots most of them with a second photographer or our associate, adam, who also has rad camera skills! as our girls get a bit older you may see cristen more on the wedding day scene…stay tuned!

How soon after the wedding can your clients see photos?
we post a few of our favorites on the blog about 2 weeks after the wedding as a little sneak peek for our clients! then 4-6 weeks after the wedding event we have all the images ready for our clients to preview.

Do you provide an online proof gallery where clients can preview the photos?
yes, we create a custom online slideshow using our favorite images from the wedding and we also post the complete set of wedding images on an online proof website for our clients to share with family + friends.

Will you accept a job in another state or country?
absolutely! we love to travel and we secretly dream of being nomads! not sure if our girls are down with that though : )

How did you get started as a photographer?
scott was raised a photographer. his dad was a brilliant professional photographer + cinematographer and scott was handed his first camera at 8 years old and started playing in the darkroom around that same time and his love affair with photography began.  since then, he has pretty much been breathing photography! scott pursued a fine art photography degree and has spent many years working as a commercial + architectural photographer, which has influenced his distinctive style + award winning wedding imagery.  scott is currently ranked the sixth most artistic wedding photojournalist in the world by the artistic guild of the wedding photojournalists association (AGWPJA).

Aside from weddings, what’s your favorite thing to photograph?
our muses + amazing girls,  ava (5) + lucy (2) !!!

What do you like most about being a wedding photographer?
there are way too many elements that we love to list them all out here! simply put, we are so honored to use our photography to translate the emotion, love and brilliance between a couple on possibly their most significant day of celebration together and bestow them with the gift of artistic + thoughtful imagery that will tell their story for generations! we love that every wedding presents a completely new experience for us as artists and the chance to connect with another amazing couple that inspires us with their love and trusts our vision for their day.  we seriously have the best clients on the planet and to gain such wonderful friends in the process is like icing on the cake!

1. hands down, finding the right photographer for your wedding is one of the single most vital elements of the entire event! we know we’re a bit biased on this topic, but it’s important to really connect with your photographer since you will be working so intimately with them the entire wedding day. for us, it’s all about collaborating with the right couple that has that contagious happiness + sweet love vibe going on…that’s what inspires us and is reflected in our imagery. so the right fit is mutual for both sides of the table. also keep in mind that after all the cake is eaten, the flowers have wilted and you’re back from you honeymoon all you have left from the wedding day is your groom and the photographs. so it’s not always about getting the most bang for your buck when choosing your wedding photographer. if your budget would only allow you to get the base package for your top choice photographer remember that the albums and other stuff can come later when your pockets have recovered from the wedding expenses. so choose a wedding photographer with imagery that really makes your heart sing!

2. find a wedding event coordinator that you love + hire them on the spot!  the investment is worth the sheer amount of stress you will save yourselves + they’re priceless the day of the wedding when any obstacles jostle plans.  if your budget only allows having the coordinator for the day of the wedding that’s fine, you’ll be so happy you enlisted their expertise.  it doesn’t matter if your super-organized mom or crazy aunt wants to do it for free…let them enjoy the party with you not fret about when the cake is going to get cut!

3. stylize your wedding to make it a distinct reflection of both of you! don’t feel pressured to keep up with the hot trends or to do what your family + friends have done at their own weddings . it’s YOUR wedding so make it all about your personality + style as a couple. if you’re crafty, this is your chance to put those fantastic DIY skills to work.  with all these great wedding blogs at your fingertips, you will run across lots of fabulous ideas and inspiration! you can always consult with a wedding stylist as well for even more creative tips. when unique elements +  personal details blend to create a celebration that is full of love + happy people having the time of their lives, that’s the wedding we want to be photographing!
other than these 3 tips….HAVE FUN, HAVE FUN, HAVE FUN!!!!

To see more work from this talented duo, visit their website and blog. Also check out the beautiful photos they shot for our past clients Sarah and Gray

Thank you so much for sharing your work Scott and Cristen!

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