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Photography Week II: Elizabeth Messina

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce our first photographer this week – the insanely talented Elizabeth Messina…

wedding website:
fine art photography:

Do you shoot digital or film?
film…i love film….

How would you describe your style?
my images are artistic & intimate lifestyle photographs…i try to make little pieces of art out of life….to capture the beautiful subtitles of emotion as they unfold at a wedding….

Do you shoot alone or do you usually have an assistant?
i always have an assistant…sometimes several….having good help enables me to fully focus on taking beautiful photographs…..

How soon after the wedding can your clients see photos?
about three weeks after the wedding….

Do you provide an online proof gallery where clients can preview the photos?

i do not…i think how you experience your photographs is very important….and intimate….i want my clients to be able to hold & touch their images…..

Will you accept a job in another state or country?
i travel quite a bit…and i love it….both in the states & abroad….destinaton weddings have such a wonderful ambience…evryone together for several days, celebrating love…..

How did you get started as a photographer?
my first camera was a gift from my mother when i was twelve years old & i fell in love instantly…..many years & a long winding road later, i am living my dream….

Aside from weddings, what’s your favorite thing to photograph?
i love to photograph children…and families…& expectant mothers…i love to capture  the little moments in life…the humanity….love….

What do you like most about being a wedding photographer?
i am a true romantic at heart….there is something so wonderful about being around people in love….and there are so many beautiful details at a wedding….so many little pieces that tell a story….i love to experience people’s love stories & capture them on film…..

1. trust yourself….finding the right photographer is like finding the right man…you only need one;)
2. be sure to make some time on your wedding day to be alone with your groom….you’ll treasure the moment & the photos for years to come….
3. try not to worry if anything goes awry…some of the best moments are the ones you don’t go as planned…

Elizabeth is based in  California but as mentioned above, she will gladly travel. To see more of Elizabeth’s photos, be sure to check out her website and blog. Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth!

More to come tomorrow…stay tuned…

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