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Honeymooning: Safari Style

Any adventure seekers out there? Here’s a little photo inspiration if you’re dreaming of an adventurous Safari honeymoon…

safari honeymoon, adventure honemoon

And a few things you might want to consider packing for your trip…

safari gear, packing for safari honeymoon

row 1: a couple light sweaters for chilly nights; comfortable shoes; a good cotton/linen hat (easy to fold and pack)
row 2: a small, easy to pack camcorder like flip to record all the action; a sturdy travel pack – this one from REI  has a removable day pack that easily unzips for those days when you’re out scoping lions and tigers (and bears?); and of course, a good pair of binoculars for close-up glimpses of said lions and tigers and such.

Photo Credits (top image): Safari In Style

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