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Color Predictions: Fall 2009

Every season, the fashion world is inspired by a new palette of colors and this palette usually dictates what we see in stores and what eventually become popular color combinations. The color forecast for Fall 2009 was released a couple months ago and it includes 10 main colors which color experts predict will be the hot new hues this Fall. Of the 10 new Fall colors, we think six really stand out…here’s what the experts have to say about our favorites…

Burnt Sienna: A deepened, earthy shade of orange, reminiscent of an autumn sunset.

Iron: Color experts are calling Iron “the new black”. Neither gray nor brown, Iron is a grounding color that coordinates well with other Fall hues.

Honey Yellow: More subdued than Spring’s vibrant Mimosa yellow, this shade carries yellow through to fall and winter with its golden tones.

Nomad: This shade bridges the gap between beige and light gray, and serves as a timeless neutral.

Majolica Blue: A deep mysterious blue with more vibrancy than the usual navy. Majolica Blue has a certain exotic flair to the group.

Warm Olive: An unexpected, “tangy”, rich yellow-green. When combined, this intriguing hue makes other Fall colors come alive.

Other colors in the Fall 2009 color forecast include Rapture Rose, which lies somewhere between a vibrant fuchsia and soft pink; Crème Brulée – a beige color with grey undertones; Purple Heart and a patriotic red called American Beauty.

Since Fall brides are now starting to make decisions on concept, colors and décor for their weddings, we plan to share a few palettes in the upcoming weeks which incorporate some of these new Fall colors. Stay  tuned!

If you’re curious about what the experts predicted for Spring 2009, click here.

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7 thoughts on “Color Predictions: Fall 2009

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  5. Jaclyn

    These colors are all gorgeous. I love your predictions and love how your invitations and other paper goods mirror the colors of the seasons.

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