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Honeymooning: Safari Style

April 30, 2009

Any adventure seekers out there? Here’s a little photo inspiration if you’re dreaming of an adventurous Safari honeymoon…

safari honeymoon, adventure honemoon

And a few things you might want to consider packing for your trip…

safari gear, packing for safari honeymoon

row 1: a couple light sweaters for chilly nights; comfortable shoes; a good cotton/linen hat (easy to fold and pack)
row 2: a small, easy to pack camcorder like flip to record all the action; a sturdy travel pack – this one from REI  has a removable day pack that easily unzips for those days when you’re out scoping lions and tigers (and bears?); and of course, a good pair of binoculars for close-up glimpses of said lions and tigers and such.

Photo Credits (top image): Safari In Style

Color Palettes

Burnt Sienna, Honey Yellow, Crème Brulée

April 29, 2009

Our first palette for Fall provides a pretty smooth transition from the Spring colors. This palette is still light but the tones are shifted slightly to incorporate the earthy warmth of Fall.

The bride and bridesmaids: It’s not often done but I think it would be quite beautiful if the bride and bridesmaids all wore ivory dresses. The bride’s bouquet could incorporate all the shades of the palette (burnt orange, warm yellow and ivory shades), while the bridesmaids have more monochromatic look, with small posies of ivory blooms.

The groom and groomsmen: The men could wear suits in a deep, rich chocolate brown. To coordinate with the ladies, they could all wear ivory ties and a small ivory flower for the boutonnieres – the groom could be set apart with a boutonniere in a different color.

Stationery Options: Our Love Logo #13 wedding invitation (printed in Gold ink on Ecru paper) would work quite well for a Fall wedding with this palette.

We also posted an extended version of this palette on the Southern Weddings blog…see it here.

Photo Credits:
row 1: Leigh Miller Photography, Jose Villa
row 2: Martha Stewart, April Reed Cake Design
row 3: Martha Stewart

I Fancy That


April 28, 2009

I am completely smitten by these photos taken by photographer Kelly Moore (discovered via Southern Weddings). Such sweet, stylish, vintage perfection!

Kelly dreams up the most beautiful conceptual photos and brings them to life in mini workshops she offers called “Give Me Moore”. Definitely check out her blog for more eye candy.

All photos via Kelly Moore Photography

Wedding Inspiration

Hawaiian Style

April 27, 2009

Here’s a little more destination wedding inspiration…this time it’s the palm trees, pineapples and plumeria of Hawaii. Rather than the monochromatic tones of our Tropical Elegance board, this destination wedding would be filled with color.

Featured Design: Alani wedding invitation

Photo Credits:
row 1: Brides, Photography by Leah
row 2: Tec Petaja, Photography by Leah
row 3: Jupiter Images, Photography by Leah
row 4: Photography by Leah