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DIY Idea: Tying it all together

Earlier this week, we featured a beautiful destination wedding which was inspired by colorful gift wrap paper. The bride used the gift wrap to embellish her wedding invitations by wrapping a band of the paper around the invite, then tying it with raffia. The decorative paper used to embellish the invitation, the raffia and the colors found in the gift wrap pattern were then incorporated throughout her wedding decor.

{As shown above, colors from the decorative paper like hot pink, yellow and blue were used throughout the event. The same paper was also used to decorate the bubble bottles given to guests at the ceremony.}

This is a really simple idea which anyone can do. Not only does it allow you to use a cohesive palette or pattern throughout the event, it’s also a great way to make affordable invitations look a little more couture!

You can either purchase a roll of your favorite gift wrap (The Container Store has really fun, modern options) or buy individual sheets of decorative paper from a specialty paper store which will work well with the color palette and style you have in mind for your event.

Step 1: Using your x-acto and a ruler, cut the decorative paper into strips about 4-5 inches wide. The width will depend on how much of the invitation you want to cover with the wrap. The strips need to be long enough to wrap around the invitation from front to back, with some overlap.

Lay the strip of decorative paper (let’s call it a ‘wrap’) face down. Then lay the invitation face down on the wrap. Fold the wrap over the invitation so the two ends meet at the back of the invite. Using your double stick tape or Duck Easy-Stick® Double Stick Adhesive, apply adhesive along one edge of the wrap.

Step 2: Fold the wrap over and glue down (the seam will be at the back of the invitation).

Step 3: Add ribbon, string, raffia (or whatever you like) to embellish further – or just use the wrap alone for a simpler look. If you do add ribbon or anything that will be tied in a knot, consider the fact that the knot will create a little bump in the envelope. You might want to consider having your invitations hand cancelled at the post office to avoid possible damage during mailing.

Use your excess decorative paper to embellish DIY favors, table number cards and other reception items to give your event a cohesive, pulled-together look.

Happy crafting!

4 thoughts on “DIY Idea: Tying it all together

  1. Kris

    Hi…I have been online for the past several hours trying to find this colorful gift wrapping paper. Does anyone know where I can buy this paper? I LOVE IT!!!!

    1. gia at betsywhite Post author

      @Kris: Try Paper Source or Container Store… that’s where most of these papers came from. This post is over a year old though – some of these patterns might be discontinued by now.

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