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Backyard BBQ

Like our last inspiration board, this one is of the chic, budget-friendly variety. If you’re a laid back, no-frills kind of couple, what better way to celebrate with friends and family than a summer backyard barbeque?! Simple DIY decor could include centerpieces of carnations and other inexpensive flowers in mason jars, flags strung between trees and paper lanterns lining pathways. Even the most inexpensive details can look really chic and pulled together if a clearly defined color palette is used throughout…in this case, red and white.

Featured design: Love Logo #12 wedding invitation

Photo Credits:
row 1: Victor Sizemore Photography
row 2: EyeSpy Photography, Gertrude and Mabel via Snippet and Ink, Jupiter Images
row 3: EyeSpy Photography, J. Crew
row 4: Jupiter Images, EyeSpy Photography
row 5: Gertrude and Mabel, EyeSpy Photography

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