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Calligraphy Week V: Yellow House

For our last calligraphy post this week, we’re pleased to welcome Laura Luyendyk of Yellow House Calligraphy…

phone: 919-866-0825

How long does the envelope addressing process typically take?
Approximately 1 week per 100-150 envelopes; but just depends on my workload at the time. I try to accommodate each client the best I can, so I will often do rush jobs when needed.

What styles do you offer?
Spencerian, Rook Script, Bickham Script, English Script, Copperplate and Informal Script. These styles range from more flourished and formal to a more casual feel. I try to compliment whichever style will best reflect the tone of the wedding or event.

Do you ship nationally?
Yes. There are so many convenient shipping options that can be tracked online and insured via ground or express methods.

Is there a minimum order?
No minimum orders. I can address several hundred envelopes for a large event, or write out just a few place cards for a small dinner party.

Do you offer services other than envelope addressing?
Yes. Other calligraphy services include place cards, escort cards, table number cards and menu cards. I can also do the calligraphy for the master artwork for an invitation suite – which would then be printed. This might include the wedding invitation, envelope and reply set.

What’s your favorite style?
Spencerian and the Spencerian Alternate version are my favorite styles to do because they have the most flourish.

Why did you decide to become a calligrapher?
I majored in Art in college, so I’ve always been the creative type. Years ago, a good friend asked me to address her wedding envelopes, so decided to take a try at it. My work was very different then and not very fine-tuned; but I ended up having more and more friends ask me to do their envelope addressing, so I got to practice on their envelopes! Years later, it became steady work and truly enjoy it.

Any new products/type styles in the works?
I always try to stay informed of new trends and styles. There seems to be somewhat of a trend toward non-traditional wedding invitations that use great colors and sometimes, a less formal tone. So I try to match different colors and new calligraphy styles to compliment the invitations.

1. Order approximately 10-15% extra envelopes to allow for mistakes or additions. This is less costly then having to rush order more envelopes later.
2. Take your entire invitation “packet” to the post office to have it weighed ahead of time so that you can be sure to get the proper postage for your reply envelope and outer envelope. If you don’t like the selection of stamps at your local post office, go online to purchase at Feel free to be creative and mix and match stamps to add up to the correct amount. The envelopes will look pretty – so your stamps should be pretty too!
3. Alphabetize your guest as soon as you start compiling it so that you can keep names organized throughout the wedding planning process from the Save the Dates, to Wedding Invitations, Rehearsal Invitations and Thank You notes.

Be sure to check our Laura’s website for more details and to see more samples of her work!

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