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Calligraphy Week IV: Anne Elser Design

Everyone, meet Anne Elser….

website: Anne Elser Calligraphy
phone: 404-509-9676
blog: Anne Pages


What styles do you offer?
I do three different styles based on copperplate script calligraphy:
Traditional & Formal
Traditional & Spirited

How long does the envelope addressing process typically take?
One weekend.

Do you ship nationally?

Is there a minimum order?
$85.00 min fee

Do you offer services other than envelope addressing?

Yes, I also design and calligraph wedding invitations, RSVP cards, table cards, etc.

How did you get started as a calligrapher?
I took one calligraphy class years ago which was enough to whet my appetite.
Addressing my own wedding invitations in 2002 was enough to get my work
out there for people to see. Then the orders started coming in. I’ve been having
fun ever since.

Where do you find inspiration?
Color and sound.

Any new products/type styles in the works?

Italic calligraphy
Blackletter calligraphy

1. Breathe!
2. Have fun.
3. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

To see more samples of Anne’s work and for pricing information, be sure to visit her website!

Tomorrow we spotlight the last of our talented calligraphers. If you’ve missed our first three posts during Calligraphy Week, see them here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

7 thoughts on “Calligraphy Week IV: Anne Elser Design

  1. Anne Elser

    Thank you Gia for featuring my work. Lovingly put together and I really enjoyed the similarities and differences between all the work. It’s all so inspiring!

    Thanks again,


  2. Glori

    Anne is incredibly talented and it is a joy to take classes under her guidance. She makes learning calligraphy enjoyable. I definitely plan on using her in the future.

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  4. Wedding Venues guy23

    Anne, you are incredibly talented, I love that calligraphy, and so does my fiance. One thing that we wanted to get your opinion on were some review of wedding venues in the area, and which of them you prefer or not. Thanks, God bless.

  5. mgmoe

    i am so much interested in your creation of calligraphy. I want to learn from you about beautiful written style of yours for further study.

  6. Julie Rouse

    I love the calligraphy shown above (Leila and Nathan Barbour). Can you design a pdf file for us in the same form that I can use as a return address label? If so, what would the price be? Thanks so much! Julie

    1. gia at betsywhite Post author

      Hi Julie,
      You would need to contact Anne Elser directly to request her calligraphy services. Her contact information is listed in he post above.


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