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Calligraphy Week II: MM Ink Calligraphy

Our first guest this week is Moya Minns of MM Ink Calligraphy…

phone: 770.837.7000
blog: elle-B

How long does the envelope addressing process typically take?
For both inner and outer envelopes, the addressing takes approximately 2-3 weeks depending on the quantity.

What styles do you offer?
To cater to varying preferences, the styles I offer range from casual/traditional styles to sophisticated/chic designs. They are Italic, Copperplate, Bickham, Rook, Confection, a Rook Variation, a Burguess Variation, Citadel and Pendulum. My online portfolio will be updated soon with samples of each of these. Stay tuned!
I also enjoy doing other lettering styles to suit a client’s needs. I work with both broad edge nibs and pointed pen nibs so there’s a lot of flexibility.

Do you ship nationally?
Yes I do and I can also ship internationally.

Is there a minimum order?
No – no order is too small.

Do you offer services other than envelope addressing?
Yes, I offer lettering for reception items such as escort cards, favor tags, menus and seating charts. I also offer custom invitation designs, lettering for reproduction; and I have also introduced an MM Ink exclusive – my threaded lettering.

How did you learn calligraphy?
I always enjoyed drawing and sketching as a young girl. I received a calligraphy set as a gift that came with a little ‘how to’ book. I could not put the pen down! I even did my homework with the pen. It was definitely not really an ‘in’ thing at the time but its gracefulness really caught my attention. I went on to study under internationally known calligrapher, Sheila Waters, for broad edge pen instruction; and Chief White House Calligrapher, Pat Blair, for pointed pen lessons.

What’s the best thing about being a calligrapher?
To see the expression on a client’s face when they see the lettering – it’s priceless; and to be a part of such wonderful occasions is a true honor.

Any new products/type styles in the works?
Yes, I am working on a few additions to my style sheet including a Spencerian script and a line of greeting cards is on my to-do list.

{The photo below shows some of Moya’s amazing threaded lettering}

1.  Pre-order your envelopes so that your calligrapher can get started as soon as possible
2.  Hire a calligrapher who you feel most comfortable with and sees your vision for your event
3. The wedding is your special day – take the time to savor the moment!

Be sure to visit Moya’s beautiful website and behind-the-scenes blog for more info!

Stay tuned for more tomorrow…and if you missed Part 1 of Calligraphy Week, see it here.

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