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Quick Tip: A little RSVP trick

You may have guests who will neglect to write in their names on the RSVP card, or who write illegibly. To be sure each guest is accounted for, solve this problem by numbering your guest list, then inconspicuously writing the corresponding number on the back of each response card with a pencil. When the RSVPs are returned to you, if a name is not included or is illegible, cross reference the number on the back of the card against your guest list.

2 thoughts on “Quick Tip: A little RSVP trick

  1. Rebecca

    Instead of using a pencil to mark up the back of your RSVP cards,{in case you want to keep them}, a great alternative would be to use an invisible ink pen to number each RSVP card. When the RSVPs are returned all you have to do is the little light that comes with the pen to reveal the number on the back!
    {invisible ink pens can be found by doing an online search or at stationery shops}


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