Color Palettes

Khaki, Pink and Sage

‘Sweet, fresh and fun’ is the feeling for this Springtime palette. Beautiful peony pink and soft sage add a certain sweetness to the neutral khaki. To avoid sweet overload, pink should probably be reserved for the bridesmaid dresses and used sparingly in the floral arrangements. Sage could make an appearance as an accent color in the decor while khaki would serve as the neutral base. Our Antonia or Talia save the date in Pink would work well with this look…or perhaps our Mallory invitation printed in Rose ink on Ecru paper.

wedding color palette - khaki, pink and sage

Photo Credits:
row 1: Martha Stewart, Jose Villa
row 2: Marie Labbancz
row 3: Martha Stewart

3 thoughts on “Khaki, Pink and Sage

  1. gia@betsywhite Post author

    Ainsley: we don’t know where the bride purchased her bridesmaid dresses. Perhaps you could look at the J.Crew collection – they have great options in pink.


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