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Quick Tip: Escort Cards vs. Place Cards

January 30, 2009

So what’s the difference between an Escort Card and a Place Card anyway?
Escort cards are displayed at the entrance of the reception to help your guests find their table. The bride and groom’s name and the date (or some other motif) are usually printed on top of the card. The guest’s name and table number should be handwritten on the card. Once your guests arrive at their table, they can choose their own seat.

If you would like to have everyone assigned a particular seat at the table, you may wish to order place cards also. Place cards display the guest’s name only and are positioned at the place setting where you want that guest to sit. The bride and groom’s names and date or other motif can be printed at the top of this card also. Again, the guest’s name would need to be handwritten on the card.

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Quick Tip: A little RSVP trick

You may have guests who will neglect to write in their names on the RSVP card, or who write illegibly. To be sure each guest is accounted for, solve this problem by numbering your guest list, then inconspicuously writing the corresponding number on the back of each response card with a pencil. When the RSVPs are returned to you, if a name is not included or is illegible, cross reference the number on the back of the card against your guest list.

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Lovin Sullivan

January 29, 2009

We have had a major cake crush on Lovin Sullivan for quite some time. Their work is always so graphic, stylish and modern – totally our cup of tea. Since we’ve always had a secret love affair with their work, we thought we’d see what it would look like if Lovin Sullivan and betsywhite got together. A match made in heaven, I’d say!

save the date and cake inspiration 1

This beautiful red & white cake with its intricate nature-inspired silhouettes works really well with our Joy save the date.

wedding invitation and cake inspiration 2

This preppy cake would would be a sweet centerpiece for a baby shower. The latticework and sweet classic style could be echoed if our Quilt baby announcement is sent once the little one arrives.

baby announcement and cake inspiration

Our Bold Baby announcement would also work well as a follow-up to a shower featuring this stylish, modern cake.

save the date and cake inspiration

This beautiful black & white cake is a wonderful mix of traditional and modern styles. Isn’t our Talia save the date a perfect match?!

wedding invitation and cake inspiration

These little love birds perched atop this cake are reminiscent of the birds on our Lucy wedding invitation – both are so sweet and charming!

fern design on wedding invitation and cake

A traditional and elegant garden wedding would be the perfect setting for this cake and for our Charlotte wedding invitation, both featuring a classic fern motif.

wedding invitation and cake inspiration

This cake conjures up images of a grand, glamorous event with a slightly modern feel. I imagine a large single flower in the bride’s hair and big, beautiful blooms in the bouquets and on tabletops. Our Mallory wedding invitation would set the tone beautifully for such an event.

{All cake photos via Lovin Sullivan}

Color Palettes

Steel Blue, Terracotta and Gold

January 28, 2009

If you’re familiar with the color wheel, you know that blue and orange are opposites, meaning that they are complementary and work well together. This palette is a more sophisticated version of that tried and true combination. Sophisticated terracotta would be a beautiful color for the bridesmaids and would even work well for the bride’s shoes. This soft orange could also punctuate mostly white floral arrangements which would really stand out on the tabletops against steel blue linens. Gold accessories and accents would add just enough sparkle throughout. Our Love Logo #6 wedding invitation printed in Gold ink on Ecru paper seems quite fitting for the occasion…or for a more modern look, perhaps our Sloan invitation printed in the same Gold/Ecru combination.

Photo Credits:
row 1: Marie Labbancz Photography, Kate Headley Photography
row 2: Jenny Yoo, Martha Stewart, Jose Villa Photography
row 3: Ornamental Things