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Goth Glam

This is definitely not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but this board was inspired by these beautiful and somewhat eerie photos which Marie Labbancz posted on her blog a few weeks ago. If your style leans towards the non-traditional, why not reflect that in your wedding? A palette of jet black and blood red can be accented with touches of antique gold, portraits can be taken in a beautiful cemetery and buttons and other memorabilia from the movie The Corpse Bride could be given as guest favors. There’s no reason why goth can’t be glamorous and romantic!

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Photo Credits:
row 1: Marie Labbancz
row 2: Eleise Theuer, Marie Labbancz, Stuart Leal
row 3: Marie Labbancz
row 4: Victor Sizemore Photography
row 5: Marie Labbancz, Victor Sizemore Photography

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