Butter, Ivory, Gold

Yellow continues to be quite a popular color and is especially fitting for the Spring. In this case, a pale yellow (the shade of butter) is combined with Ivory and Gold to create a relatively neutral palette with a fresh springtime feeling. For the bridesmaids: pale yellow dresses paired with strappy gold heels and gold jewelry. For the guys: dark suits with pale yellow ties and boutonnieres. Various shades of ivory and yellow could easily be incorporated into the floral arrangements. Our Miko wedding invitation would be a good choice for a laid back garden wedding or Reece printed in gold ink would be a nice option for a more formal affair.

Wedding Color Palette - butter, ivory, gold

Photo Credits:
row 1: A Bryan Photo, Martha Stewart
row 2: Jenny YooMartha Stewart, Frolick Jewelry
row 3: A Bryan Photo

  • Anne @ Pink Galoshes

    December 29, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    This is just the sweetest, most amazing color palette. So chic! Thanks for sharing!

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