MM Ink Calligraphy for Betsywhite Stationery MM Ink Calligraphy for Betsywhite Stationery

We have teamed up with MM Ink to offer you the option of adding the elegant touch of fine hand-lettering on envelopes, place cards and escort cards! Through this exclusive partnership, our Betsywhite customers will receive 15% off MM Ink's standard pricing.

About MM Ink

Moya Minns is the owner and artist behind MM Ink. Moya has admired the artform of calligraphy since childhood and for her, it is a true labor of love. Moya has studied under some of the best calligraphers today, including Sheila Waters and Chief White House Calligrapher and Master Penman, Pat Blair. Like Betsywhite Stationery, MM Ink is a small studio, dedicated to offering the best service possible to each customer.

Lettering Styles and Pricing

Betsywhite Calligraphy Styles

Here's How It Works...

When ordering your stationery, there will be an option on the order form where you can indicate whether or not you're interested in calligraphy services. If you are interested, select "yes" on the order form and MM Ink will contact you with scheduling details. All envelopes are hand-lettered by Moya which is a very labor-intensive process. Due to the manual nature of calligraphy, we can only accommodate a certain number of orders on the calligraphy schedule each month. When we receive your order, Moya will promptly let you know whether or not calligraphy services are available based on your wedding date.

Please note that the calligraphy calendar tends to book up quickly December through March. Be sure to place your order early!

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