Betsy Who?

So who is this Betsy White anyway? Well, it’s actually not a person, it’s a place. Betsywhite Stationery is a little studio with a big passion for design and happy customers. We pay special attention to every order, we answer every question as promptly as we can, we package every product with care and we cherish every customer. 

Gia Graham, the owner and designer, discovered the word Betsywhite in a dictionary of old Barbadian dialect and it refers to the chirp of a local blackbird. Having been born and raised in Barbados, Gia heard the whimsical song of those birds every day, and it made her happy. As does great design. And anything that's reasonably priced. It's a feel-good combination that serves as Betsywhite Stationery's raison d'être.

With a BFA in Graphic Design and a desire to escape the constraints of corporate creative work, Gia started the company in 2004 under the name Paper Dolls Design. Along with then business partner Angela Moland, she created high-end custom invitations for brides in the Atlanta area. In 2008, Gia took sole ownership of the company and now offers lovely stationery at attainable prices for customers worldwide. The Betsywhite aesthetic tends to walk the line between modern simplicity and whimsical charm.